Project Oslo

The Berlage Project

Marcus Kempers (NL)
Jonas Norsted (NO)

Tritip Chayasombat (TH)
Jana Culek (HR)
Piergianna Mazzocca (IT)


Norway, the wealthiest welfare state in the world, develops its capital, Oslo, mostly through market driven projects which form a “patchwork urbanism” with little regard to its context. “Densification through public transport” has been the most popular way of developing the city. By public transportation nodes, surrounding areas can be built denser and higher, creating islands of imported urbanity of a scale previously not familiar to Oslo.

Excited to visit Oslo for the first time. You’re exiting from a new train station from the second floor and walking towards the city center. From up here you find a lively plaza with an impressive city gate welcoming you. Heading down to the ground floor, you feel safe within the friendly atmosphere. You stand in the middle of the plaza while taking the city vibes in and looking around to find multiple choices of connections you can choose from: taxis are queuing up on the street right behind the bus stop. There is also a tram stop on the opposite side. You also notice an interesting opening pit In the middle of the plaza with a glimpse of trees within it. Perhaps it is a garden. You look down the pit to understand that it is actually an entrance to the metro station. You can see that it is an energetic underground space. People are walking around from parking spaces to metro station while shopping along the way.

Turning to the one monumental gate in the space, you have to take a picture to share on social network and let your friends know you have arrived safely. Then you head towards the small entryway, the gate tilted itself inviting you in. You walk through the tunnel and arrive into another plaza. Its surprising to see so much contrast between the two spaces, there are so many trees leading your vision to another dense forest along a river. There are a lot of shops and restaurants surrounding you with a lot of places to hang out and enjoy the river side atmosphere. It is summer so there are families with kids and dogs enjoying their holiday everywhere. You walk towards the water, on the left you see hills along the horizon, perhaps its where people go skiing in the winter. The river flows to the right side, there’s a ferry stop advertising that it will sail you to see the fjord in fifteen minutes.

You feel like you’re having the best time in Oslo already. You cannot wait to explore it even more.